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Home > 公司新闻 > Top 16 Best Water Purifiers in Malaysia 2022
Top 16 Best Water Purifiers in Malaysia 2022

Water is fundamental to human survival as it helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells; unfortunately, our water supply is generally polluted and unsafe for consumption nowadays due to the operations of more industries and factories. This is why we need water purifiers to help purify our drinking water and make it safe to consume by eliminating germs, chlorine, and cancer-causing radicals. These harmful and inorganic substances can lead to kidney disease and hypertension.

Using a water purifier to clean our water supply has several advantages, including removing toxins from pollution, getting rid of lead from broken water pipes, and pesticides. The water purifier also enhances the flavour and smell of your tap water, enhancing your quality of life. With that being said, it is important to have a good water purifier. Health is wealth, so let’s look at Malaysia’s 16 best water purifiers.

What do you have to consider before buying a water purifier?

If you haven’t purchased a water purifier for your family, now is the time to do so since it protects your family’s health by eliminating germs and free radicals from the water supply. Here are four factors to consider when selecting a good water purifier that suits you:

  1. Price

Deciding how much money you will spend on your purchase before buying items is an excellent plan. This will allow you to narrow the range of available water purifiers to you, given the large variety of water purifiers in the market. 

     2. Cost of replacement filters and parts

The cost of water filter replacement filters and components varies by brand and model, and it is a good idea to assess the cost per year before deciding which brand and model to buy.

     3. Storage Capacity

Each water purifier has a varied storage capacity, so you have to evaluate your daily water usage before determining which type of water purifier is ideal for you and your family.

     4. Brand

It is highly recommended to choose a famous brand of water purifier as it is more reliable. They have a professional customer service team to solve your issues and you can be guaranteed that you are buying a high quality product.

16 Best Water Purifiers in Malaysia 2022