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Home > 供应产品 > Yamada 389-18 Table Top Hot and Warm Water Dispenser
Yamada 389-18 Table Top Hot and Warm Water Dispenser
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Brand Yamada
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     Yamada 389-18 Table Top Hot and Warm Water Dispenser

Dimension (mm): 300 (W) x 300 (D) x 450 (H) 
Water Capacity : Hot 4L / hr ≥ 85°C / Warm : Unlimited 
Heating Power = 550W 
Supply : AC220V~240V/ 50/60Hz 


  • - Hot & Normal Water Dispenser
  • - Indicator Light
  • - Convenient And Save Time To Make Hot Drink
  • - Hot Water Tap with Safety Lock to Prevent Children from Scalding.
  • - Electronics Temperature Control
  • - High efficient heating element
  • - Over heat prevention
  • - Contamination Resistance
  • - 100% Brand New
  • - 100% Original 5 Stage Filtration System
  • - Korea Technology Filter Element


Pre-Filter: 1micron Sediment Filter

This 1micron filter is made from Polypropylene for removal ofsilt, dirt, rust and suspended solids and it will prolong the lifespan of theother filters.

Filter1: Sediment Filter

This filter is made from Polypropylene for removal of silt, dirt,rust and suspended solids.

Filter 2: Granular Activated Carbon

High quality coconut based activated carbon has large surface areaand superb absorption properties. It effectively reduce cholrines, odour,organics solvent, heavy metals and also helps improve the taste of water.

Filter 3: Mineral Stone + Alkaline

Alkaline Ball helps increase the pH of water to mild alkaline andhelp neutralized acidic body fluid.

Mineral stone contains ionic minerals that can be easily absorbedby the body. With proper mineral supplement, it re vitalizes the cell andincreases the activity level.

Filter 4: CTO Carbon Block

Carbon Block act as a filter to remove odour and all trace ofunwanted harnful substance while improves the taste of water

Weight (GW) : 8kg 
*Warranty : 1 Year 

*Term& Conditions apply